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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during the evaluation?

Our one-on-one evaluations are performed in our safe, quiet clinic space.  Each evaluation is 60-75 minutes to allow plenty of time to talk about your reason for coming, medical history, assess your lifestyle and determine your goals.  We also talk about your daily activities and assess posture, movement, body structures, and the tissues and fascia.  If you are seeking help for a pelvic condition, we conduct an external pelvic floor exam, and with consent and if we determine you are ready, we perform an internal pelvic floor exam.  Together, we discuss and create the treatment plan to reach your goals.

What should I wear?

Please bring or wear shorts, a sports bra, or a tank top to fully assess your posture and fascia.  John Barnes' Myofascial Release uses a hands-on approach to your care, providing gentle, sustained pressure directly into your skin and fascial tissues.

What do you mean by "holistic"?

Our mind, body and spirit are connected, and our thoughts, fears and stressors can create pain in the body.  Our environment, what we eat and level of activity play a role in managing our health and well-being.  We never focus on one area of the body, but address the "whole" person, looking at lifestyle routines and habits, mental and emotional health, providing an individualized, one on one approach to care.

When will I get better?

This is the question I receive most often and is the hardest to answer.  Each person is unique, and your condition did not happen overnight, and it will take time to heal.  With that said, clients can experience improvement after the first session, and often within the first 2-3 sessions. Our goal is to provide a change after every session, facilitating awareness of and healing within your body.

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